About Us

We are pioneers at a pivotal moment in history. In training, in technology and innovative capability that will change the way the world views and uses drones. We want a drone industry we can be proud of and our mission is to find like-minded individuals to join us on our journey.

“We built our training system, not because we wanted to be a training provider, but because we want everyone to fly safely. We built our courseware the way we did because we want nobody to forget our message. We train our instructors the way we do because without that we can’t be better tomorrow than we are today.  We fly the meticulous way we do because we would never sell out our principles.”

With a powerful ethos and these core values at the heart of our business, we are a culture of courageous pioneers, leading the way towards a prosperous future for the drone industry. This is just the beginning, the quality and confidence of our graduates will be vital to this future.


Flyby has brought together the most experienced and highly qualified aviation pilot instructors that can be found anywhere in the world to give you the best drone training available. Our course contains unique elements that only we can offer.  Our combined total of 144,000 flying hours and 614 years of piloting enables us to deliver the points from a position of knowledge and considerable experience.

Flyby Technology provide the best quality drone training in the UK.  In association with Pilotwise, we have over 40 years experience of training system design and delivery.  Our great reviews are testimony to the effectiveness of our training techniques and how enjoyable it is to train with experienced professionals.

Flyby Technology also offer a drone consultancy service to corporations and organisations, helping you to harness drone technology and capability within your industry. Learn more about our consultancy service here >


Who are we?

Our training heritage is what sets us apart, with Flyby Technology as the experts in training delivery and Pilotwise International Ltd as the world leaders in courseware design. We have the training that will make the difference and set you apart as a drone pilot. As a Full Category National Qualified Entity, Flyby Technology has approval from Civil Aviation Authority to train the next generation of professional drone pilots.

We are pushing the boundaries of drone capability and need the most highly trained and experienced people to be at the forefront of our company. We want to help you excel as a drone pilot, and this is how we stand apart.

All of our instructors are from manned aviation and are ex-fighter or military helicopter instructors, with thousands of hours of actual training delivery, in highly stressful and dynamic situations.

Our pilots have flown and instructed on Sea Harrier FA2, Harrier GR7, Lynx, Boeing 767, 757, 737, Kiowa, Harrier T8 and T10, Chinook, Tornado GR1, Dauphin N3, Gazelle AH1, Buccaneer, Hawk, Chipmunk T10, Bulldog T1, Sea King, Jet Provost, Tucano, Grob Tutor, Islander, Gazelle HT 2&3, Italian SH3-D, Squirrel (AS350 & AS355), BO-15, Hughes 500, Griffin HT1, Iroquois UH1H and Skyship 500.

Flyby Technology sets a new standard in training quality and courseware design, helping our industry to thrive. We offer support following your training which graduates have found particularly useful:

"Just used FlyBy Technology's support service after gaining my PfCO to help with planning a tricky upcoming UAV job and have to say, not only did the team respond quickly but their support and assistance has been comprehensive. Spoke with Jon, who was friendly, extremely knowledgable and supportive in every way - a real confidence boost for me and encouraging to know the team are behind its clients 100% - couldn't ask for more!" 


If you'd like to be trained for the award of your Permission for Commercial Operation from the CAA, by the best in the industry, please click the orange button below to find out more and book your course today.

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