Drone Pilot Drone Training Course

You need your PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) in order to fly a drone for commercial purposes. Whether you're a Camera Operator or Photographer wanting to take on aerial work, a keen hobbiest ready to go pro, or a buildings or energy inspector wanting to save time and money by utilising drone technology in your industry, you've landed in the right place!

You don't need to be experienced

If you have been flying a drone for years and don't need to brush up on your flight skills or if you've never piloted a drone before, we offer a course to suit you.

Our 3 day course is perfect for you if you consider yourself ready for the flight skills test. Your skills need to be highly developed in order to pass this test, so if you don't feel confident, we advise you add 2 days of flight skills training and opt for our 5 day course when you book online.


CAA Drone Training Course - 3, 4 or 5 Days

3 Day Course

The 3 Day CAA approved drone training courses assumes previous drone flying experience, allowing experienced drone pilots to bypass flight skills training and focus on the necessary elements in order to qualify for your Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO).

On the 3 Day course, we not only teach you the required CAA syllabus, but go above and beyond with our unique 'pilot skills' module, giving you the ultimate confidence as a pilot. We will help you complete your operations manual and prepare you for your flight skills test. The whole experience is lead by one of the worlds best pilot instructors and alongside the first network of professional peers starting their journey with you in this exciting industry.

The flight skills test will be taken with an independent examiner on day 3 of your course. Then you can apply to the CAA for your PfCO and begin working commercially as a drone pilot.

As an experienced drone pilot, you already know the basics, so we can significantly reduce your training costs to £999 +VAT. A valuable investment in your future. The course takes place on 3 consecutive weekdays or over 2 consecutive weekends. For your convenience, we do offer flexible options - just let us know what you need when you book.

Our drone training students have a wide variety of applications for their new found drone skills, so we also offer 2 days of advanced flight skills training and we can tailor this training to suit your individual needs. If you would like to take this opportunity, read more below about the 4 and 5 day options.

4 Day Course

The 4 Day CAA approved drone training courses include flight skills training, alongside the necessary theory and ops manual covered on the 3 Day option. Many of our students work during the week and we know your time off is precious, so the 4 day option takes place over 2 consecutive weekends.

The flight skills training takes place with one of our expert instructors who have a wealth of experience. This opportunity will guarantee you grow in confidence as a drone pilot and help you breeze through the flight skills test! We will help you complete your operations manual and prepare you for your flight skills test.

The flight skills test will be taken with an independent examiner on the final day of your course. Then you can apply to the CAA for your PfCO and begin working commercially as a drone pilot.

Our unique 4 Day drone training course costs to £1450 +VAT.

5 Day Course

The 5 Day course option covers everything in a week, Monday to Friday. This course offers great value for money with a free extra day of drone skills training, which our students find invaluable. So for the same price of £1450 +VAT you can indulge in a week of learning to set you up ready to fly commercially as a drone pilot with CAA approval.

We look forward to welcoming you on one of our courses and guiding you towards becoming a successful drone pilot in your industry.


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previous experience

At least 10 hours of flying experience with a drone is a requirement of the 3 Day course. Book online.

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2 Day Groundschool

Learn to operate your drone safely and within the latest rules from a world expert.

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Operations Manual

Complete your operations manual with our expert guidance.

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Put yourself to the test

Take a Flight Skills Test with one of our independent examiners.

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Our Weekender Drone Courses give you the opportunity to train outside of working hours if you don't have time on week days. They are available at limited locations, but we will be adding new locations and dates all the time, so keep an eye on the weekend drone course page and book quickly as places get snapped up!

Business Startup Package

Flyby offer a fantastic package for those wishing to start a new business in the drone industry. We can offer you a drone at a reduced cost from our partners, £200 off the best quality drone pilot training to qualify to work commercially and even a website from our partners to get your marketing off to a flying start!


What's included?

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Frequently asked questions

Hopefully we've covered all you need to know on this website, but if you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us on FREEPHONE 08081680626

What will I need?

To be able to complete the course you will need your own drone and associated screens, already loaded with the latest software and firmware. Please make sure your drone is serviceable and ready to be deployed on day 3 of the course.

If you do not already have a drone, we can offer you a DJI drone and £200 off training when you book on the 5 day course!

  • A drone and the associated support elements
  • A laptop with MS Word installed.

What happens when I book?

We will email you confirming your registration. If you have paid in full at the time of booking or signed up for our 0% finance offer, we will confirm your place on the course. You will be sent information on the course including specific locations, times and what you will need.

You will also be sent a pre-course student study guide.

Your training can be uniquely tailored to your needs, so if you have any questions then please contact our team on FREEPHONE 08081680626

What previous experience am I expected to have?

No previous experience is necessary if you choose to take the 4 or 5 day courses, as these include the flight skills trianing you'll need to get up to standard.

If you plan to just take the 3 day course then you need at least 10 hours drone flying experience in order to pass the flight skills test. This involves some skilled manoeuvres, so your flight skills need to be highly developed. Read about the Flight Skills Test here >

If this doesn't apply to you then just choose a course with flight skills training when you book online and we'll bring you up to standard in no time!

Where can I take the course?

We run the courses across the UK every week. Bristol, Cambridge, West London, East Midlands, Shrewsbury, York, and Edinburgh are our current training centres, with more being added all the time. Visit our location page to choose your nearest course >

What if when I start I realise I need flight skills training after all?

You can stay for an extra 2 days for flight skills training.  If you are not free for the 2 days following your 3 day course, you can join us on any future course to complete the last 2 days in one block.

Read more about flight skills training >

Read more about the flight skills test >


Do you offer a shorter course?

We know your time is precious, so our courses are flexible. If you can't spare 3 days or 5 days in a row to train, we can offer a 2 day groundschool with the rest of the course at a later date.

The requirements to obtain your Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) are dictated by the CAA and require us to deliver a specific syllabus to you. We are experienced in pilot training so have the best teaching techniques and training aids to help you learn this information quickly and retain it for years to come. This takes a minimum of 2 days at our groundschool.

You will also be required to complete an operations manual and a flight skills test. This will take a further day. You can opt to complete the operations manual in your own time and arrange a flight skills test at your convenience with one of our instructors, however we do advise you to seek our help with these elements of the training.

Just go ahead and book your course and then let us know straight away that you would like to initially attend for 2 days only. You can come back for another day - or 3 - at a later date.


You will be the proud Graduate of Flyby Technology Drone School - with your Initial Drone Pilot Standard (IDPS) and Permission for Commercial Operation under your belt, the world is your oyster! Being a Flyby Graduate and IDPS holder will be an indicator of the high standard that you have achieved and of the professionalism with which you approach your flying. We believe a strong drone industry needs exceptionally trained drone pilots to suceed, so if you train with us you can be assured of the best training and powerful support over the years that you renew your PfCO with us.

I'd like to graduate with Flyby

More about Flyby Drone Pilot Drone Training

Flyby Commercial Drone Training not only gives you the combined knowledge and energy of highly regarded experts, but gives you their continued support during your career. You can be confident that the training you have received has prepared you properly and not just covered a syllabus.

In our world renowned Groundschool you will be welcomed in to the Flyby family by a leading pilot instructor. Their wealth of experience and anecdotes will keep you throroughly entertained while you undertake a steep learning curve and learn more than you ever thought you could in such a short space of time! We are unique in the fact that we go above and beyond the standard CAA syllabus. We teach you to think like a pilot - fast! This is what will set you apart and looking back you'll be able to attribute your success to these incredible skills.

Ops Manual
A requirement of holding a Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) is that you complete an operations manual. This document is in effect your contract with the Civil Aviation Authority and Flyby Technology and describes how you intend to operate. We will help you complete this document which explains how you intend to operate.

Flight Skills Test
On the final day of your course you will complete your flight skills test. The test itself is graded on the quality of your flying, your airmanship and the flight modes used. Your examiner will give you a safety briefing and check that you have flown your drone for a minimum of 2 hours in the last 3 months. As part of that briefing he will set the scene for your task which will include manoeuvres you may need to perform on a live job. You will fly your drone in accordance with your task brief and operations manual.

The examiner will approach your Flight Skills Test with professionalism but will be encouraging and approachable throughout. We see this as a training opportunity as well as a test. You will be advised of the result immediately and your examiner will offer any advice he feels would further improve your flying. We then collate your paperwork in the days that follow and submit your application for PfCO on your behalf.

You will be the proud graduate of Flyby Technology Drone Training School - with your Initial Drone Pilot Standard (IDPS) and Permission for Commercial Operation under your belt, the world is your oyster!

We provide drone pilot training to everyone, whether you are a business owner looking to add to your skill set or an industry professional wanting to utilise the incredible technology available to improve your processes, a hobbyiest thinking about entering the drone industry professionally or an entrepreneur with a great idea for a drone based business, we look forward to meeting you and hearing your views on our amazing new industry. By choosing Flyby Technology you are giving yourself the best opportunity for a successful career. You will also be developing a powerful support network that will not only help you during your drone pilot training, but will be there to guide and help you in the years to follow. Holding the IDPS will be an indicator of the high standard that you have achieved and of the professionalism with which you approach your flying.

The 3 Day course costs £999 +VAT. The 4/5 day courses cost £1450 +VAT. Our prices are extremely competitive for the level of training we provide. We are proud of our courses that go the extra mile by giving you the best instructors and the highest quality training. We hope to build a relationship with you that offers you continued support in your career and helps you develop a valuable network to help you progress in the exciting world of drones. We don't think you can put a price on that!

How to book
The course can be tailored to suit your individual needs, so please give us a call on 08081680626 or email admin@flyby.technology to discuss your requirements. You can book your course online now by clicking the button below. 

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