Commercial Drone Training 3 Day Course Structure

On our 3 Day course you will spend 2 days at our groundschool covering everything you need to know about operating your drone safely and within the rules. On day 3 you will complete your operations manual and take your flight skills test with an independent examiner. We ask that you have at least 10 hours of drone flying experience to take this test, otherwise we recommend adding 2 days of flight skills training by choosing our 5 Day course.

The 3 Day course costs £999 + VAT and you must pay at the time of booking unless you choose one of our finance options.  

We know your time is precious, so our courses are flexible, so if you can't spare 3 days in a row to train, we can offer a 2 day groundschool with the rest of the course at a later date. Just go ahead and book your course and then let us know straight away that you would like to initially attend for 2 days only.

We can also offer a weekender course, where you take the course over 2 weekends for your convenience. Weekend course options are currently limited in terms of locations and availability so keep an eye out for new course dates for our Weekend Drone Course here > Alternatively, give us a ring to organise a course tailored to your needs on 01904 783900

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Day 1 Groundschool

Learn to operate your drone safely and within the rules

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Day 2 Groundschool & Test

Complete a multiple-choice test

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Day 3 Operations Manual

Complete your Operations Manual

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Day 3 Flight Skills Test

If you're ready you'll take your test, or add 2 days of flight skills training.

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Your drone training options

We welcome students at all levels. Our 3 day course covers everything you need to gain your PfCO. You can choose to add flight skills training on to your course if you do not have over 10 hours of drone flying experience or do not feel confident enough to take the flight skills test.

If you are a qualified, professional pilot, with a recognised qualification from the CAA, you can choose to skip the groundschool and focus on your Ops Manual and Flight Skills Test on our on our bespoke course for professional pilots at a reduced cost. Call us on 01904 783900 to find out more.

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Frequently asked questions

Hopefully we've covered all you need to know on this website, but if you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us on 01904 860900.

What will I need?

Here's what you need for our courses.

A drone

There is no flight skills training during groundschool so you don't need a drone for the first 2 days, however you will need your own drone to complete the flight test on the third day. If you are yet to decide on which drone to buy, you can take the opportunity to get advice from us and your fellow students. It goes without saying that we are experts on drone technology and can advise on the best set up for your needs. Flyby offer discounts on some DJI drones, so do ask us about this on the course. We also offer a business startup package that includes a drone and a new website in the price of the training. Learn more >

A laptop

You will need a laptop computer installed with MS Word. We ask that your laptop is in good working order, as we will not be able to devote instructor time to remedying any problems.

For the 2 day course you will need:

  • A laptop that has MS Word

For the 3rd day of the course you will need:

  • A drone and the associated support elements
  • We include insurance cover for the duration of your course

How much does it cost?

Our3 Day drone training course costs £999 + VAT. This includes training at a top facility with one of our expert instructors to qualify for your PfCO. Refreshments and lunch are included for each day of the course. We also have easy finance options available from just £28 a month! 

If you need extra flight skills training, we offer 2 days flight skills training on our 5 Day course for an extra £460+VAT - great value for a couple of days with our experts. 

Remember we offer a 0% finance option, take a look at our prices page here >

Where can I take the course?

We run the courses in all areas of the UK. Bristol, Dorset, West London, East Midlands, Lincoln, Shrewsbury, York and Sterling. We are always adding new locations, so do let us know if you can't find one near you. We have great relationships with quality accommodation near our training venues so if you do need to stay nearby just give us a shout and we'll put you in touch.

Click on the button below to visit our location page and click on the location nearest to you to view the course dates.


What if I can't spare more than 2 days?

If you can't spare more than 2 days in a row to train, or need to come back for 2 days of flight training at a later date, that's no problem. We can offer a 2 day groundschool with the rest of the course (completing your operations manual and flight skills test) at a later date.

We can also offer you a weekend course, although currently places are limited. Available weekend locations and dates can be found on our Weekend Drone Course page >

Just go ahead and book your course and then let us know straight away that you would like to initially attend for 2 days only and come back for another day later. 

If you'd like a course tailored to your needs, give us a call on 01904 783900 and we'd be happy to help.


You will be the proud Graduate of Flyby Technology Drone School - with your Initial Drone Pilot Standard (IDPS) and Permission for Commercial Operation under your belt, the world is your oyster! Being a Flyby Graduate will be an indicator of the high standard that you have achieved and of the professionalism with which you approach your flying.

I'd like to qualify

More about the Flyby Commercial Drone Training Course

Flyby Commercial Drone Training not only gives you the combined knowledge and energy of highly regarded experts, but gives you their continued support during your career. You can be confident that the training you have received has prepared you properly and not just covered a syllabus.

Groundschool: The CAA Syllabus and more

This course consists of a 2-day groundschool conducted in a professional setting. We use specialist training facilities provided by Boeing, pilot training centres or prestige hotels. We aim to provide drone pilot training in a city close to you at a time that is convenient.

We use state of the art drone pilot training courseware and audio visual aids. Your course will be delivered by an instructor who has thousands of hours experience teaching other professional pilots. His training credentials will be second to none and you will be taught in an environment that supports effective learning. You will remember the course throughout your future career because it has been designed with the future drone pilot in mind, by instructors with the highest instructional credentials.

At the end of the groundschool you will take a multiple choice exam designed to prove that you have learned the relevant points. You will be delighted with your progress in such a short space of time.

Easy to complete Operations Manual

A requirement of holding a Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO) is that you complete an Operations Manual. This document is in effect your contract with the Civil Aviation Authority and Flyby Technology and describes how you intend to operate. You will be given advice on how to complete this document and we have made it incredibly easy to construct. This will be completed on day 3 of the course.

Your commercial drone pilot training will then continue down one of 2 routes. If you believe that you have gained sufficient knowledge and skill you can take the flight skills test. If you feel you need more training, we offer 2 days of flight skills training.

Flight Skills Test

The test itself is graded on the quality of your flying, your airmanship and the flight modes used. Your independent examiner will have read your operations manual and give you a safety briefing and check that you have flown your drone for a minimum of 2 hours in the last 3 months. As part of that briefing he will set the scene for your task which will include manoeuvres you may need to perform on a live job. You will fly your drone in accordance with your task brief and operations manual.

The examiner will approach your Flight Skills Test with professionalism but will be encouraging and approachable throughout. We see this as a training opportunity as well as a test. You will be advised of the result immediately and your examiner will offer any advice he feels would further improve your flying.

Optional Flight Skills Training

If you feel that you could use some flight skills training with your drone, or that you might benefit from practising the test manoeuvres in degraded modes. Just add 2 days of flight skills training to your course. These can be carried out on the 2 days following your 3 day theory course, or as a stand alone course for fun.

If you are qualifying for your PfCO, you will complete your flight skills test with a different examiner at the end of day 2. This is because IDPS does not allow flight skills training to be conducted by the same examiner that undertakes your test.

Read more about the flight skills training >

Apply for your Permission for Commercial Operation (PfCO)

Flyby will guide you through the process of applying for your PfCO. You will collate all the necessary documents and test results, check your operations manual is perfect and then apply to the CAA for your PfCO yourself. There is a processing charge payable direct to the CAA which is currently £247. Please note this is subject to change. Once you receive your certificate, you can then work commercially as a drone pilot.


We provide drone pilot training to everyone from photographers to search and rescue teams and look forward to meeting you and hearing your views on our exciting industry. By choosing Flyby Technology to provide your drone pilot training journey, you are giving yourself the best opportunity for a successful career. If you are trained well you will be ready for anything! You will also be developing a support network that will not only help you during your drone pilot training, but will be there to guide and help you in the years to follow.

Being a Flyby Graduate will be an indicator of the high standard that you have achieved and of the professionalism with which you approach your flying.

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