Applications for Drones

Every day that passes brings a new application for the use of drones and many companies and corporations are looking to integrate drone technology as part of their operations, to make them more efficient and increase profits. The problem at the moment is where do you start? - Where do you find the right information?

Look no further. Flyby Technology are experts in drone technology and training. We can advise you on everything including scoping the size of your organisation, understanding of the regulatory requirements, advising on the correct technology to invest in and choosing and training the right pilots. Flyby Technology are consulted by some authorities on safety and current regulations, so who better than us to help you keep up to date with these laws. We can implement and also manage the whole system for you initially and then help you take management of it yourselves.

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Flyby Technology brings 40 years of experience, expertise in drone technology, capability and pilot training to your organisation. 

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The first step is for us to understand your business and where your business ought to be going. We can scope the size of the task, the documentation you will need and work with you to build a library of relevant information to enable you to bring your drone capability to your customers.

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We’ll examine the market to find the right aircraft for your needs. We have great links with top manufacturers and extensive knowledge of the latest technology, so you can make sure your investment is in the right place.

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We'll help you choose the right pilots and train them to bring your new drone capability to bare on the problems of profit centres you would like to achieve. We are training experts as well as professional pilots, so bring a competitive mixture of knowledge to your project.


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We’ll also be able to manage the system for you in it’s early days and ideally migrate the system over to your own organisation so you can manage it in the future.

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