Drone Flying 101



To get off to the best possible start and enable you to operate with confidence in your new role, we can offer 2 days of flight skills training with our expert instructors at locations across the UK. This can take place on the 2 days following your 3 Day drone training course, or you can join a later course if that's more convenient for you. However if you know you want to include flight skills training in your PFCO course then our popular 5 Day course is perfect for young includes absolutely everything you need to succeed as a commercial drone pilot.

During your training we demonstrate the correct processes, procedures, cultures and techniques that we feel are essential to becoming a professional pilot.  You learn the correct way to do a site survey and risk assessment in the field, and the checks we employ before flight.  You are shown the control checks once airborne and our method for regaining situational awareness once you have lost orientation on the aircraft. 

We then move on to flying in degraded modes and this is designed to build your confidence.  In fact, after our training, most of our pilots prefer to fly in degraded modes when operating close to structures; because they have such confidence in their own skills. 

We then show you the best way to fly the manoeuvres that make up the second half of the Flight Skills Test. You get ample time to practice and refine your flying before you are released by your instructor to take your Flight Skills Test. 

We do not perform this training to get you through the test at the end.  We do this training so that you fly well and with confidence.  A confidence that ensures you remain in business year after year.

Flyby Technology is the only company where every instructor has been trained to instruct manned aviation pilots.  We have tens of thousands of hours delivering the finest in focussed one-to-one pilot training.  We can certainly see the difference in everyone who makes the extra commitment to gain the full benefit of our flight skills training.


If you are not qualifying for your Permission for Commercial Operation and just want to learn some skills for your drone hobby then treat yourself to the best training money can buy! You'll be trained by a top expert and will be amazed at the standard of flying you will achieve in such a small space of time. The training is great fun and fantastic value for money. We welcome all skill levels. 


Much like our 3 Day option, our 5 Day course offers you a complete package to gain your PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations). You'll learn everything you need to know on our 2 day groundschool, take a test (which you'll pass with flying colours due to our training techniques!) and then on day 3 we'll help you complete your Operations Manual. The only difference on our 5 Day course is that you'll then get a day or two of top quality flight skills training. As described above, this gives you the confidence you'll need to succeed. The course then culminates in your Flight Skills Test. 

To make the best use of the time you have, there are flexible 4 or 5 day options on our course depending on the time you have to spare. The 5 day option runs from Monday to Friday and offers 2 days of flight skills training.

The 4 day option takes place over 2 consecutive weekends and offers 1 day of flight skills training.

Both options cost £1450 + VAT, payable on booking, with finance options available.