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The nearest training facility to you is in York. Our state of the art facilities are just an hour away from Leeds.

Our courses start at 8.30am and finish at 5pm. The first day of groundschool usually finishes later at around 6pm.

Our flight skills training days make maximum use of available light, so run from 8.30 am until twilight. We provide lunch and refreshments every day.

"This IS the go-to NQE in the UK when it comes to the training required for PfCO submission. Right from the start they were extremely flexible with dates (thanks Stephanie & Helen) and also willing to split the course up to fit in with my diary, doing a 3 day week and 2 day weekend to complete the whole IDPS schedule. Pre-course questions answered remarkably quickly by Jon and then the groundschool run by Dicky (and then later joined with Roy) was impeccable and put over to us with extreme experience and knowledge to boot; thanks for all the support. Flight school and FST test with Chris Keane was more than a pleasure and again the amount of knowledge gained during this section of the course was immense. Ops Manual generation was something else and corrections/additions to an extremely comprehensive start point well received and turned around quickly. I wouldn't go anywhere else for follow up training; you shouldn't either!"



Choose your course dates

3 Day courses cost £999 + VAT and 5 Day courses cost £1450 + VAT