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The state of the art facilities at Oxford are perfect for our course. Our courses start at 8.30am and finish at 5pm. The first day of groundschool usually finishes later at around 6pm.

Our flight skills training days make maximum use of available light, so run from 8.30 am until twilight. We provide lunch and refreshments every day.

"I did the full groundschool and flight skills training over 4 days. It was a complete success. My flying improved exponentially. Before, I would have rated my skills as mediocre - now, I feel competent. The instructors are friendly and helpful and inspire you with confidence. The students - all ages, both genders - form a great camaraderie together. I wouldn't consider any other school for further training."



Choose your course dates

3 Day courses cost £999 + VAT and 5 Day courses cost £1450 + VAT