Why Choose Flyby?

The nearest course to you is just over an hours drive from Sheffield or 50 minutes by train. Our state of the art facilities in York are a perfect setting for your course. Our courses start at 8.30am and finish at 5pm. The first day of groundschool usually finishes later at around 6pm.

"When you're deciding which training provider to go with, unfortunately you need to actually do the training before you can accurately rate it. It's not until you work with Flyby Technology it is brought home to you how superior this service is. Take this from me - I had a world of training providers to choose from but Flyby were recommended to me and I'm so glad I went with them.

The depth and quality of the ground school training is super high quality. Our Instructors were patient and always coming up with ways to help you better achieve your learning. Above all they're there to get you through the ground school exam and the flight skills test. The deal though is that you put in the training beforehand and study the coursework. Lots of laughs and a great sense of team through our five day course. And don't forget the people you meet on the course who you could collaborate with later. Very impressed. Highly recommended. Don't think about going anywhere else. Seriously - they're the business."


Our flight skills training days make maximum use of available light, so run from 8.30 am until twilight. We provide lunch and refreshments every day.


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3 Day courses cost £999 + VAT and 5 Day courses cost £1450 + VAT