Why Choose Flyby?

The state of the art facilities in York are perfect for our course. Our courses start at 8.30am and finish at 5pm. The first day of groundschool usually finishes later at around 6pm. See what our graduate James had to say about his course in York:

"I have just completed the 5 day PfCO course at the York site. I can categorically say that it has been one of the best training experiences I've ever completed. We finished around 7pm the first 2 days mainly due to a very interactive and excited group of guys who were all there for totally different reasons. Most courses want you away at 3 so the tutors can get a flyer... not here... every part of the course was given the full attention it so very much deserves. I'm sure we would have kept to schedule had we kept our mouths shut, but the information is so interesting that you cant help but fire questions in. The trainers are all from military backgrounds with years of experience flying fast jets and helicopters both in service and civi-street... and when you're learning aviation law, and flight skills and procedures, who do you really want teaching you... The flying skills test is sufficient to get you flying confidently and the extra days flying is used to hone further the skills and knowledge gained in the class room. Thanks to all the trainers, Dicky, Pete, John, Tony, Guppy and Matt I would definitely recommend this place if you're considering your PfCO."


Our flight skills training days make maximum use of available light, so run from 8.30 am until twilight. We provide lunch and refreshments every day.


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3 Day courses cost £999 + VAT and 5 Day courses cost £1450 + VAT