Sunday, August 20, 2017
Air-to-Air Photo Opportunity Taken on the East Midlands Course




Flyby Technology were conducting a PfCO training course at an airfield in the East Midlands and were asked by aerobatic pilot Tim Jinks to get airborne footage of his Christen Eagle II aerobatic aircraft.




Flyby Technology was able to use its aviation background and considerable expertise to plan the filming and also make it perfectly safe.  Deconfliction lines were drawn and safety contracts devised to keep all of the aircraft safe from the risk of collision.  The shot log consisted of a mixture of take off shots, knife-edge flight, low passes and landings, all coordinated by Flyby Technology.




The flight was briefed by Flyby Technology instructor Jon Parker using experience gained flying fighters as an instructor in the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy. 




The operation consisted of Phantom 4 Pro shots taken of the Inspire filming the Christen Eagle II.  This was to show the students on the course what could be achieved with their own equipment if you plan and brief the way they are shown on the course.  We used the same techniques taught on the course to build a unique relationship with manned aviation. 




The course took part by operating the on-board camera and supporting the pilots flying the drones.  It was a tremendous opportunity to see what can be achieved.  Matt said later, "That was something I shall remember forever, it was amazing to see how this sort of thing can be done.  And we now know how to do it, simply fantastic!"




The results were reviewed and all involved then took part in a debrief.  At Flyby Technology we insist on not learning from our mistakes but instead to analyse and learn from our successes.  This is because as high functioning pilots we all have more successes than failures, and by learning from success we have a better opportunity to be better tomorrow than we were today.  




Tim Jinks took the chance at the end to say the following:


"I had no idea that professional drone pilots were trained like this.  I have been watching what you have done all week and seen the level of expertise that you train into new pilots and I have to say I am suitably impressed.  There is no way I could have got involved in this sort of activity unless I had the total confidence that Flyby Technology has build in myself and, in fact, in all of you new pilots.  This was amazing and I would have no hesitation in doing this again with Flyby."

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