Saturday, July 01, 2017
This Industry is about to Erupt!


The drone industry is just about to explode! 


We have all heard of the expansion in the number of drones flying in our skies, but is it a nuisance? Is it a passing fad?  Or is it the start on a revolution in business services.  We have been dreaming of having robots that can do our housework but that has not really caught on.  Business is now using drones to do its housework, and it is “taking off” big style! 

Goldman Sachs have just published a report stating that although drones began life in the military market, and have now moved to consumer markets, the true value of drones will be to business.  It is estimated that the industry is to be worth $100 billion by 2020.  


What does that mean to us?  Well it means that the pilots of those drones need to be training right now to build enough experience to be able to satisfy the huge demand for pilots.  The complexity of drones is already setting a challenging environment for regulators and a relevant and realistic approach must accompany the growth of the industry.  This is especially true with regards to automated flight and beyond visual range flying. 

Until recently we have seen most professional drone pilot training courses being attended by sole trader videographers.  This trend has changed in the last few months and we are approached daily by big business asking about our capability; to train a cadre of pilots to the right standards to satisfy their forecast demand.  

Bucking the trend

In the past, it has been military and aerospace technologies that have percolated into our lives, bringing us wonderful inventions like jet engines and Velcro.  This time it is different.  Yes, the military had the idea but this time it is coming full-circle.  The commercial world has taken the idea and adapted it to its own needs, forcing miniaturisation and safety improvements.  Now the military is seeing the developments and trying to buy drones as commercial-off-the-shelf products, reducing procurement costs and timelines.  For the first time, commercial players are leading military solutions. 


There is no better time than now to gain the knowledge and expertise necessary to join in at the start of what is being called the second tech business revolution.  Go into your local branded high street computer store and you will see an array of ever more sophisticated drones on sale.  Read any drone magazine and you will hear about the latest amazing and innovative applications for this cutting-edge technology.  The time to get involved is now. 


The industry will need highly trained and highly motivated individuals with a safety culture woven into their DNA.  The days of teaching yourself how to operate properly are gone. The industry must satisfy the regulators that the integration of commercial drones, into controlled airspace, can be done to the same safety standards as our manned aviation counterparts.  The only way that this is possible is to be trained to the same standard.  We must operate inside a culture that understands human performance and uses technology appropriately, in order to keep an operation safe.  This will be a challenge and the way to do this will be to bring the public perception along with us. We can only do that by demonstrating that the professional drone pilot operates with the same cultures and behaviours as manned professional pilots.  This can only be learned from those with experience of both sides of that divide.  A divide that will dissolve if we get this right, and getting things right is what we do at Flyby Technology.  

Next steps

If you would like to get in at the start of this new and exciting industry we are here to help you.  We are able to train you to the highest standard in the UK with the finest trained instructors.  We can supply you with the right equipment and make the transition as painless as possible by offering favourable credit terms to spread the cost of both drones and training.  Allowing you to use today’s available funds to market your business, or chase that dream job.  A day in the outdoors, with the knowledge and skill needed to fly highly sophisticated aircraft is an absolute joy for us all.  Get involved and get involved through us. 

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