Thursday, March 29, 2018
CAP 393 Fifth Edition Amendment


CAP 393

This document, otherwise known as the Air Navigation Order is the set of rules that ensure compliance with aviation law in the UK, by UK registered aircraft and those flying in UK airspace.


All pilots trained by Flyby Technology have been taught to monitor CAA websites and react to changes in UK legislation and assimilate any changes that they discover.  As part of our offering as a top quality NQE, we track the changes in parallel and make sure that our pilots are given warning of changes as soon as we are in receipt of the information.  That makes our pilots safer and ultimately more competitive in their business.

What to do now

We have checked the document and have discovered no material changes to our operational rule sets.  Major changes have been made to penalties for loss of 2-way radio communications between pilots and air traffic controllers but nothing that is drone specific.  You will need to make a temporary amendment to your working copy of your Operations Manual to include the latest revision to the CAP. At renewal we will check to make sure that your record of amendments has been brought up-to-date.


Only by keeping track of the CAA regulatory framework can we hope to be compliant.  Don't be put off by reading on some social media that this is overkill, quite the opposite; by failing to keep up with documentation you could kill your own business.  You trained with us for a reason and we are delighted to attract the pilots that take this approach seriously.  Safe flying is fun flying.