Friday, August 02, 2019
Drone Pilots Suffer Fatigue....Beware


Those of you who are Flyby Technology graduates will, by now, appreciate the care we have taken to incorporate safety elements into your Operations Manual; that mirror the lessons that we have learned in the decades of service we have given to manned aviation.  Whilst we hear many less well-informed outsiders criticise those elements as superfluous, we are today vindicated by this study which has just been published.  

Drone pilots do not get micro-rests like manned aviation pilots and we are often exposed to extremes of temperature and vibration, as well as poorly defined working hours and nutrition.  We commend this report to you and would encourage Flyby Technology pilots to take another look at their Student Study Guide and review the Human Performance and Pilot Skills Chapters.  As drone pilots are called upon to undertake ever more disaster relief operations and monitoring tasks, we must protect ourselves from the insidious nature of fatigue.