Sunday, January 01, 2017
EuroUSC Renewals


Flyby Technology is able to help you regain or renew your Permission for Commercial Operation should you require it. The actual renewal process is straightforward and can easily be completed on your own.

If that is your choice then please make sure that your insurance cover satisfies EC785/2004, as this may be a change since your initial award or last renewal. You should also remove any reference to Permission for Aerial Work and replace it with Permission for Commercial Operation. The articles in CAP 393 have also changed and you must now reference Article 241, 94 and 95.

Whilst self-renewal is the cheapest option, it does mean that you are sitting outside of a recognised standard and could drift away from industry best practice. Should you wish to come under the umbrella of Flyby Technology, we can offer you the same after-sales service we give to our own graduates. They enjoy the ability to call our offices to gain advice and better understanding on any regulatory questions they may have.

They also sit within our Safety Management System, and that means we are there to help, should they have an accident. We monitor all accidents and data mine the information to identify common technological problems or procedural errors. This means we can notify our pilots and modify our training material to reduce the problems before they start. Our safety management system operates within a just culture, which encourages open and honest reporting.

To come under the Flyby Technology standard you would need to agree to fly in accordance with our processes and procedures. That means that we need you to have our study guide and bring your Operations Manual across to ours. This is not a difficult task as our team of aviation technical authors does most of the writing.

You will be sent a few tables to complete with information about your operation and aircraft; we will then construct your manual. You will critique the document and describe to us where it needs to change to match your operation.

Flyby Technology is a high-quality Full Category National Qualified Entity and has a wealth of experience in the aviation sector. We have been designing training systems and conducting the practical and theoretical training of pilots for over 40 years. All of our instructors have thousands of hours of actual training delivery, and no other company can match our aviation heritage. This means that our new pilots perform to the highest standards and their operations are professional and well conducted.

You chose EuroUSC because they were the best in their time. Should you still wish to be aligned with a top quality training provider, please get in touch by contacting us using the link below.