Saturday, August 12, 2017
Goodbye Graham


Goodbye Graham!

We are sad to report that our beloved Operations Manager, Graham Cotton, recently passed away.

We know that many of you who have experienced his teaching style will remember him with fondness forever.  His delivery quality set the standard for all of us to follow at Flyby Technology and we will miss his advice, wisdom and humour.

Much of Flyby Technology's success can be attributed to Graham's guidance and experience, and we are grateful for the time we had with him, a key element in our organisation.

Graham was so enthusiastic about what we are achieving at Flyby and drove forward many of the quality markers which sets us apart.  No organisation is built around one person but now he is gone it sure feels that we are missing a tremendous pilot and power house.  He would want us to go from strength to strength and so that is what we shall do.

Thank you Graham and be sure that we will miss you, but we shall represent you to the best of our abilities in the future.

Instructors, staff and graduates of Flyby Technology salute your contribution.

Goodbye friend.