Saturday, January 14, 2017
Helping fellow pilots


Flyby Technology would like to help those caught in limbo by the sudden failure of EuroUSC.
Flyby Technology has been in contact with the CAA and discussed remedies for those caught out when EuroUSC stopped trading as a training provider.

The CAA is of the opinion that it can only honour training completed before 23rd December 2016. That means that all of those who completed their Flight Skills Assessment should be able to gain their PfCO but applications will be dealt with on an individual basis.

The problem remains for all of those caught between elements of their training. It is not an easy solution to say that all elements will be honoured by another NQE because training standards differ between those set by EuroUSC and other entities.

In the majority of cases those standards will surpass the criteria set by NQEs. However the top NQEs may require some additional training or a gap analysis to be undertaken. Flyby Technology was formed because we were originally to become the training provider of the BNUC-S standard for EuroUSC. Sadly we could not agree terms and the increase in the standard required would have meant a root and branch change to their training content.

We would like to hear from those affected by this sad incident; so we can work out how to help you. We promise not to leverage any advantage from the situation and will try to get you to PfCO issue as cheaply as we can. This does not mean that we will abandon our high quality approach or principles. We will get you to our high standard and in that way you should even benefit from the situation.

The question of renewals has also been raised with us over the last few days. We never understood why such large sums were charged to just process an application and check that no material amendments have been made to an Operations Manual. At Flyby Technology we can do that on your behalf, if you do not wish to do it yourself, but our company is always there for you. We will answer regulatory questions and give you the information you need to make better decisions. We also bring you into our Safety Management System, taking away the burden that having an incident brings. Please don't consider the loss of your training provider to be a calamity, there is a possible and credible alternative.

Contact us on 08081 680626 or email in with a telephone number and one of our training management will discuss your needs.