Saturday, April 28, 2018
How do People Rate Flyby Technology?


A future commercial drone pilot recently placed a poll in a social media Facebook group asking  about NQEs.  We were delighted to come out of the enquiry top of the poll.  We put quality at the core of everything we do and our graduates stand out as being highly trained pilots.

We also enjoy amazing reviews from past graduates as you can see below:

"I have just completed the five-day drone training course with Flyby Technology in Shrewsbury. I was extremely impressed with the quality of the course and would highly recommend it. The two days of ground school training were extremely detailed providing an in-depth background to all aspects of drone flying. The proceeding flight training allowed us to develop our flying skills and learn several new techniques. Our instructor Dicky was incredibly knowledgeable and patient providing us with the necessary knowledge and skills to pass both the theory and practical aspects of the course. Ongoing support, when writing your operations manual and applying for your PFCO, is provided which is highly beneficial. Prior to attending the course, I was extremely anxious about flying, the course has given me a new confidence and I am looking forward to next using my drone!"

Come and join us on a course near you.  Train to be confident and train to be successful.