Friday, April 06, 2018
How to prepare for a Flyby Technology Drone Pilot Course



After making the decision to invest properly in your training, it makes total sense to maximise the opportunity that training with a school like ours offers.  This post will give you good advice for making sure you are ready to get the most from your decision to train with Flyby Technology.


Make sure you have done the following:

  • Insurance certificate that demonstrates you hold the correct and in-date policy satisfying EC 785/2004.  
  • Read the Student Study Guide which we send out in the days before your course.  This will allow you to correct conceptual misunderstandings and relate the course to your own anecdotes and experiences
  • Make sure you have accommodation within a reasonable distance of the flying site venue
  • Make sure you have read the aircraft handbook for your drone and understand all of the aircraft's features
  • Read thoroughly and complete ALL documents sent to you by the admin team
  • Record the venue, location and instructor telephone number should you get delayed.  The office is not open weekends and Bank Holidays

Aircraft and Equipment:

  • Aircraft serviceable
  • Firmware updated and test-flown
  • All operational equipment mustered and fit for purpose: Hi Viz, landing mats and fire extinguisher etc.
  • Batteries and battery charger
  • Spare propellers


  • Student Study Guide and rulers
  • Paper and notebooks
  • Download any phone applications recommended by the Student Study Guide
  • Familiarise yourself with the websites recommended by the Student Study Guide

Preparation of knowledge:

Read the News Channel, especially the following pages which we have hyperlinked here for your convenience:

Flight Skills Test

  • Read the "Guide to passing your Flight Skills Test" which will be sent to you as an email before you attend
  • Practice the Control Checks, Disorientation Recovery Manoeuvre and advanced test manoeuvres (in degraded modes where fitted i.e. ATTI)
  • Practice the emergencies contained in the Operations Manual Template that you will receive by email
  • Relax for a day at least before attending the course

Embarking on perhaps your first exposure to professional aviation can be daunting. If you have prepared yourself and your equipment properly, you will be well-placed to maximise the learning experience; making you a safer pilot in the long run. Everyone who attends our course raves about the experience and speaks very kindly about our approach, when they are kind enough to write reviews on .  The more preparation you can make before the course the more you will get from it.  Everyone enjoys the experience and everyone sees the merits of doing things properly.  That starts with preparation.