Sunday, December 11, 2016
Ladies First


Flyby Technology is trying to bring professional drone training to the missing 52%. The ladies that have completed our course have shown enormous potential and bring qualities to drone flying way beyond the artistic.

The ladies that have completed our courses have all demonstrated the highest levels of professionalism and attention to detail. They have asked the most challenging of questions and have approached their flying with style and panache. The future is certainly brighter for our industry with them in it. Our challenge is to make this industry appeal to the 52% of the population who, at present, do not associate drone flying with being a female pilot.

The ladies currently in our industry are well known and not for the mere fact that they are female. They are well known because they are excellent pilots. They are ideally suited to professional flying and blending their flying skills with an innate artistic flair. We are trying to get the message out that female pilots have much to offer in all aspects of flying and the same chance of success as their male counterparts.

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