Thursday, August 17, 2017
Learn to Integrate with Manned Aviation


Mixed Flying

Flyby Technology understand that pilots need to be exposed to the difficult stuff so you can operate with confidence in the future.  One aspect of drone flying is the understanding required to integrate closely with manned aviation.  This week we took our course to a live, and very active airfield, and showed the new pilots how to integrate properly with other air users.  We were able to fly over the runways and taxiways and land just moments before the aircraft were landing.  This was all done by using close liaison.


Both sets of pilots gained a lot from the experience and the manned aviators left with a new opinion of what drone training means when delivered properly.  One pilot said, "I had no idea that drone flying is done to such exacting standards, I think some general aviation pilots would gain a lot from your course."


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Next Steps

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