Saturday, February 11, 2017
Metalcare Group Inc chooses Flyby Technology


Metalcare Group Inc chooses Flyby Technology to train their next generation of drone pilots in the Far East.

Metalcare Group Inc is world famous for its approach to safety-related training. Their business has a long-standing drone flying operation, which they feel needs to be given the quality of training that a modern multi-national company requires.

Flyby Technology was sought out by Metalcare, from Singapore, in a world-wide search for the best training available. As a consequence of this association, many other companies in the region have now sought alignment with the training standard provided by Flyby Technology.

" we are delighted to have been approached by such a powerful and safety-minded company as Metalcare, and from the other side of the globe too. It demonstrates that quality has no substitute "

Jon Parker, Managing Director.

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