Wednesday, August 15, 2018
Migrating to Flyby Technology



The new changes to the regulations that happened in July 2018 are the start of complex changes that are forecast to continue for the next few years.  Many pilots trained with providers years ago and their operations are now not up-to-date, following best practice or the training provider is no longer there to support you.


As professional drone pilots we should always be operating within the regulatory framework and we should always be taking advantage of innovation and intelligence to be competitive in the inflating drone industry.  If there is an accident and your Operations Manual (OM) is not up-to-date the accountable manager would have some explaining to do.  It might not be relevant to the accident but it would draw unwelcome scrutiny and you may not receive a sympathetic approach from the regulator.

Flyby Technology

Our pilots enjoy being part of a top quality standard that is kept relevant and efficient.  Our operational procedures are now forming the basis of overseas operations in many industries.  Our training sits amongst the top pilot training companies in the World, including manned aviation, and our reputation is respected in the wider industry.  Flyby Technology offers pilots an umbrella organisation that they can belong to and enjoy the benefits of exceptional training experience.

Next Steps

If you would like to become a Flyby Technology pilot we are here to help.  We will redo your OM and introduce you to our operating procedures and training philosophy.  We will send you our class-leading Study Guide which includes everything you need to know to operate at the highest levels of competency.  After your OM has been agreed between us you will receive access to the knowledge of our company, which you can use to keep you regulatory compliant or as a resource should the unthinkable accident happen.  We operate a Safety Management System that informs the debate on accident and incident trends.  This has enabled Flyby Technology to train out potential accidents by data mining the information in the correct context.  Let us bring you back to a quality operation and let us be your partner going forward into the amazing future we all joined the industry to enjoy.


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