Wednesday, June 28, 2017
Proof of the Pudding


What a fantastic opportunity to emphasise the need for good lookout and a good listen out.  A Royal Air Force helicopter made a precautionary landing in the middle of a Flyby Technology flight skills training course today, 28 June 2017.  

The instructors had stressed the importance of maintaining a good lookout and a good listen out for encroaching aircraft. They had briefed the student pilots on their actions and responsibilities should that happen and it did.  Nobody was quite expecting a helicopter to pay such a close visit. The students had the best demonstration possible of the value of good training, by experienced instructors, who have been trained in the art of teaching pilots.  Once the helicopter had shut down our pilots welcomed them to the site and discussed the deconfliction that had been implemented.  

The helicopter crew asked for video footage and stills to be taken of the landing site, so that it could complement their flight safety report.  Our lead instructor at the site actually knew the pilot and after a catch up, and checks of the helicopter by engineering staff, it was on its way again.  Both sets of aircrew holding each other in the highest regard.

This kind of experience and proper training is what sets us apart! 

A good day out with Flyby Technology