Monday, January 27, 2020
Renewals Before You Lose Grandfather Rights


Why Renew?

The rules are about to change and a lot of regulations have altered since your last renewal. Why not keep your PfCO grandfather rights and let the experts take care of your renewal for you.

Who will help me?

We normally charge £400 plus VAT for those not trained by us to come into our system but we recognise that people are starting to worry about how they can keep their PfCO going and bring it up to date with the regulatory changes; changes that seem to be happening every month.  Relax, Flyby Technology can help.  Instead of our usual fee we will do it for £100 less than our standard price.  Once your PfCO is renewed and you are in our system we will keep you up to date with all of the changes as they happen.

What Do I Do?

We are here to help so please let us take the burden.  We will help you create a brand new Operations Manual that is industry standard and allow you to benefit from the years of manned aviation experience that Flyby Technology can bring to the industry.  We send you a questionnaire which helps us understand your operation and together we create an amazing set of processes and procedures that future proof your business.  Gone are the days of struggling alone in the dark, not knowing what will pass the scrutiny of the CAA.


We are currently working with companies from different sectors of the industry and designing capabilities that are the future of drone operations.  We are active in the design of the next generation of drones that operate beyond visual line of sight.  We are also working on drones that weigh in at a staggering 300 kg.  These developments need pilots operating to good standards and we will be the influencers in the pilot standards that are required in the future.  Align yourself with us and be part of that future.


To renew drop us an email and get the process going.   Let us take the strain and the worry from you and bring your operation in line with the best in the business.  Our Operations and Compliance Manager, Mike, will take you through the simple process and give any advice you need.