Sunday, April 29, 2018
Reputation Management



There are a number of ways to keep your reputation where it belongs; at the top.  It is the choices you make along the way that defines you as a company.  At Flyby Technology we are obsessive about the quality of everything we do.  From instructor credentials to the business partnerships we make along the way. Integrity is key to maintaining your reputation.  If you have integrity in your decision making then your reputation blossoms.


When we first started out in the drone business we wanted a place where customers could leave fair and honest appraisals of our performance, and the student experience.  We were approached by a company who offered us a number of 5 star reviews free of charge should we sign up with them.  That just did not sit right with our principles and recently we read that an undercover BBC reporter has been offered a similar deal from a reviews company.  Within a few days of the approach we received another call from a completely different company, who could not have been more different.  They explained that they were independent and that if we wanted false reviews we would be disappointed.  They also explained that if there was ever a suspicion of coercion, then we would be removed from their site and exposed on social media.  That made us feel very comfortable using them, and in the past year we have enjoyed wonderful reviews; confident in the knowledge that we are being represented accurately.


We can now totally justify our decision to abandon the offer from the most well-known company in favour of integrity and best business ethics.  Integrity in our business ethic now means our reviews have relevance and accuracy. It has worked for us and will work for you.

Here is the company we decided to use: