Friday, February 16, 2018
Spring is Around the Corner



Part of any good business idea is the time you release it to market.  In the picture we can see one of our recent Edinburgh course members from the BBC starting to set out his site for safe operation as part of his training with Flyby Technology.


We have just made live a whole tranche of new course dates with more to follow.  As demand for our courses grows we are continuing to invest in new venues, instructor continuation training and standardisation.  We have also invested in new aircraft so that customers can continue their training on types not fitted with degraded modes. This allows them to train for that awful occasion when they lose GPS lock and find themselves with a Mavic in ATTI mode for example.

Next Steps

There is no point having a PfCO if you go on your first task and make a mess of it because you did not have the confidence to make the necessary decisions.  We train you to have that confidence. Confidence in your equipment, confidence in your procedures and most of all confidence in your own abilities.  Aviation is a very unforgiving environment for the ill-prepared.

Prepare yourself properly and in good time, as the pilot in the above picture has done.