Sunday, December 11, 2016
The Art of the Possible!


David Hopley from "Draws with Light " has recently completed our course.  Look at what is possible with the right training and of course the right artistic eye.  

David has taken a prize with his amazing work at the UK Drone Show at the NEC.

One of our graduates has been awarded a top prize by Airstoc at the UK Drone Show at the NEC on the 3rd December 2016!
David Hopley from "Draws with light" took the prize against incredibly stiff competition.

"I have Flyby Technology to thank for the wonderful training that enables me to deliver the results safely from my new perspective."
06 December 2016

UK Drone Show is a huge success for Flyby Technology
Flyby Technology would like to thank the many hundreds of people who came to talk to us at our stand.

The UK Drone Show was an enormous success for Flyby Technology
Thank you to the hundreds of people who came to see us on stand and to talk to our instructors. There was rarely a moment when any of them was not engaged with new pilots. Thank you to all of those who made the UK Drone Show a truly remarkable success.






More of David's work is available on his website