Wednesday, August 15, 2018
The CAA Changes and your PfCO



We have been receiving lots of calls from drone pilots asking about what the recent changes mean to them and their operation.

Your PfCO

Upon your PfCO is written the privileges and exemptions that you are entitled to use to maintain your operation.  The recent rules were brought in to bring an element of increased safety to operations.  These brought in the 1km rule and tightened the 400 feet rule, more detail available in the following link:

How to Manage the New CAA Changes

Next Steps

The new rules also allow PfCO operators to fly 0-20kg in congested areas and also allows night operation.  Just because the rules have changed allowing this does not mean you are automatically able to operate in the new categories.  You no longer need a flight skills test above 7kg and there is no such thing as a night rating (There never has been).  In order to operate above 7kg and at night you must have those procedures written in your OM. 

What does it mean to me?

If Flyby Technology pilots wish to update their procedures and include the new night privilege then get in touch with us and we can include night flying and incorporate the new rules into your OM.  You will not need to resubmit this to the CAA. The CAA expects OMs to be regulatory compliant at all times and these changes are seen as major.

If you are not a Flyby Technology pilot please ring into the office to get our expert advice and to discuss coming into our standard. Coming into the Flyby Technology standard is painless and is explained in the following link:


Migrating to Flyby Technology



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