Monday, February 13, 2017
The Dreaded Operations Manual



The requirements within the CAA CAP 722 state that your OM must be an original work. That does not mean that every line in it must be unique from every other document in existence. It means that it must accurately reflect the operation you wish to implement. Once you have been given your Permission for Commercial Operation ( PfCO ), it is the document that describes to you and the CAA the checks, balances and procedures you WILL employ to keep your operation safe and efficient.


Unique Document

There have been instances where the writing of this document has taken months. This is an unnecessary burden on the new drone pilot, who is often new to aviation. When you pass your driving test you are measured against your understanding of the Highway Code. Nobody expects you to write your own version, making rules up as you go along. The CAA does not expect that of new pilots either. As the regulator, the CAA needs to know that there is a document that describes your operation; that binds your Accountable Manager and all staff to following the rules and safety procedures contained within it. It forms the largest part of the regulator’s assessment for the award of your PfCO.



At Flyby Technology we are blessed with literally centuries of relevant pilot and instructional experience. It means that we are able to help make the completion of your OM a very quick and straightforward task. We send you a questionnaire table that you complete and return. From the answers to our questions we complete your OM for you, and let you make final adjustments before submission. This is the opposite process to some other training organisations, which seem to make this a seemingly impossible hurdle.



The final product should not only contain safety rules, but also procedures that ensure you are efficient, dynamic and professional. We are not here to make you look professional. The reason you book with us is because we make sure your operation IS professional. It is only those with the right training and professional approach that will survive. That is why that dreaded OM is so important. The OM is what is known as a living document, it changes all of the time. As your operation grows then your OM grows with it. As a Flyby Technology trained pilot we are there to help you stay ahead of the regulation, to stay safe and on top of your game. We treat it very seriously and so we take away your pain, and you enjoy the gain.