Sunday, August 12, 2018
The Reason We Do This



When we have put so much effort into getting things right, and when we have toiled to make sure that our standards are set to the highest levels, it is so gratifying to receive feedback like this.

Today's Reward

One of our new pilots who recently completed a course at our East Midlands venue had this to say about us:

"I have just successfully completed the four day weekend course with Flyby Technology, and specifically Chris Keane as our instructor. The course was extremely well structured with just the right level of professionalism, mixed with plenty of lighthearted moments. First things first - you are sent a very nice binder within a couple of days of registering with Flyby that contains all of the relevant documentation covered in the course. Its quite a chunk so be ready for it. The laws are constantly changing and Flyby send regular updates so that you can keep this up to date. I spoke to Chris prior to the course and he was able to answer a few questions I had regarding what to look at when practicing flying the drone. On the first day Chris made us feel very welcome and any apprehension soon faded as we jumped straight into the material. I wouldn't recommend trying to do the course without doing some reading beforehand. I put in 50 hours of study time over five weeks prior to the course which allowed the actual training days to be very enjoyable. I'm quite sure some people would be able to do this with only half this amount of study but I like to be prepared. I became clear from the onset that the course was going to be interactive, which I liked a lot - its not just a sit and listen session so no chance of nodding off. That said, it always remained light and friendly so no one worried if you couldn't answer a question. Chris covered all the sections required to pass your PfCO theory exam, and to allow you to transfer the learned skills into your flying. He even covered a section before the exam on 'exam preparation' which was great as I hadn't taken an exam in 30+ years. The exam itself went very well and I was confident that I had passed even before the result came in. This proved to me that Flyby had a very good handle on what was required by the CAA Chris then led us through what would be expected from us the following weekend for the Flight Skills Test. We had the perfect day for flying with very little wind, although the sun was a little tricky at times. Chris briefed us on the task, as a normal client would and then we had to do all of necessary paperwork, risk assessments etc before actually completing the flight test. All in all I strongly recommend Flyby Technology who were professional and completely thorough throughout. I am happy to give very positive feedback to the other members of my team who will be attending further courses over the coming months"