Thursday, April 12, 2018
Weekender Courses


We get asked a lot if we can run our courses on weekends, so that new pilots don't have to take time off from work.  We are delighted to now be in a position to offer you a flexible way to complete our 3-day or our 5 day courses on consecutive weekends.

3 Day

The 3 day course is for those pilots with suitable drone experience already, and just need to prove that they can fly to the standard.  The first 2 days are our common groundschool and for the 3rd day you can return on either day of the following weekend;  just let us know which.

5 Day

This course is for those pilots who think they could do with the focussed training from qualified instructors.  We will endeavour to complete your training in 2 consecutive weekends and get you to an operational status in record time; but without any reduction in quality.  If we lose time through weather or you are just needing the extra instruction, there is no pressure to complete the course on the last day.  You can come back on any of our courses to complete the process.

We do listen to our customers and this is an example of us all working together to  make the highest level of training available to everyone.