Saturday, January 20, 2018
What Does IDPS Mean to You?


What is IDPS?

The term IDPS stands for Initial Drone Pilot Standard.  First point to get over is that it is NOT a qualification recognised by the CAA.  It is merely a standard way of operating.  The CAA is not interested in which standard you use because it is issuing you with a Permission for Commercial Operation based on the recommendation of your training provider and the efficacy of your Operations Manual.  Employers on the other hand are more than interested.  Imagine if all of their pilots were trained to operate the same way from the beginning of training.  They are able to understand and monitor their pilots and can measure performance against a fixed measure of competence.

The Future of IDPS

We are in discussion with a major global drone services provider to develop our standard into a truly international way of operating.  This will enable them to offer pilot capability of a known quality and offer their customers interoperability when multiple pilots are operating collaboratively.  It will remove the inevitable discussion about who does what and who says what.  It reduces risk, it reduces time and it makes the operation safe.  To be able to operate to a World standard you need quality processes and procedures that can be adopted by every drone pilot. 

Flyby Technology Students

 We are actively working to gain recognition of IDPS as the dominant system of training and operation for worldwide operation.  We are in active negotiation to roll out our standard in the USA, Asia and Africa.  It means that pilots already trained to IDPS will have an advantage when applying for jobs in the future or when operating in support of organisations that have adopted IDPS.  The letter I in IDPS will transition to International and this will open up truly global opportunities for past, current and future Flyby Technology graduates.