Saturday, March 11, 2017
What is the visibility required for commercial drone operations?


Flyby Technology is often asked what the visibility requirement is for drone operations.
Here is the something thought provoking.


The answer may be in CAP 722 Ref 1.15.
"UAS must comply with the Instrument or Visual Flight Rules (IFR or VFR)."



Although it states in CAP 722 that we MUST comply with Instrument or Visual Flight Rules we are only required to operate under the restrictions placed upon us by the list of applicable articles in Article 23 of CAP 393, the Air Navigation Order. We therefore have no requirement under the regulations to hold a minimum visibility requirement despite the strong wording of CAP 722.

We are fortunate in Flyby Technology to be able to enjoy tremendous relationships with other good NQEs who are fellow ARPAS UK members. We were called by a highly respected colleague from Uplift Drone Training to discuss this post before editing, bringing this discrepancy to our attention and correcting our viewpoint. We are surprised that there is no minimum visibility requirement to support the effectiveness of the VLOS 500m. After consulting the CAA we are content with their position that there is in fact no minimum visibility regulation. We would, however, ask our pilots to use a sensible self-imposed limitation that will help you see a conflicting aircraft, assess the possibility of a collision and effect a change of circumstances.

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23 March 2017

CAA raises the price of a permission

The CAA has raised the cost of the application for a Permission for Commercial Operation.

The cost of application just rose from £112 to £173 for the basic permission and the price of renewal rose to £130. These fees take effect from 1 April 2017 and you should factor this in when budgeting for your business.

If you are renewing and have been with EuroUSC, who are no longer trading, you should make sure that you update your OM using the new ANO article numbers and remove all reference to PfAW and replace with PfCO.

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