Wednesday, March 14, 2018
Who Do I Contact to Fly Near an Aerorome?


Contacting Local Aerodromes

At Flyby Technology we teach our students how to fly in close proximity to manned aviation; often inside Air Traffic Zones or in Military Controlled Airspace.  To make that safe and professional we need to contact the Air Traffic Control (ATC) unit of the aerodrome in question.

Firstly we need to identify whether it is a military or civilian aerodrome.  We do this by looking on the National Air Traffic Services website.

Civilian Aerodromes

If the flight is to be flown inside or in close proximity to a civilian Air Traffic Zone (ATZ) we look on the following link and then open the appropriate aerodrome tab.  The phone numbers will be listed:

Military Aerodromes

If you are flying inside or near to a Military Air Traffic Zone or even inside the Air Traffic Zone at its centre then you use the following link instead and download the zip file for all military aerodromes:


We hope this helps our pilots to operate with the professionalism we have seen whilst they have undergone training with Flyby Technology.