Wednesday, February 22, 2017
Who does the CAA mean by "Landowner" in CAP 722?


We asked for this to be clarified today in our regular consultations with the CAA to make sure our courseware is of the highest quality.

We asked them to clarify a few scenarios surrounding landowner permissions for take off and landing. We explained that many of our graduates are getting work supporting the construction industry and agriculture. We wanted to know if a site manager could give proxy permission and also if the same could be expected as appropriate from tenant farmers. This was the response:

"Please read [the landowner] as the person in charge of the site, who has been granted authority by the landowner for work to be carried out on his property."

This clarification will be welcome news to a lot of professional pilots, who often have difficulty running to ground all of the threads of ownership for the land upon which they take off and land.


Our course is full of clarification of these tiny details which make all the difference.

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