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Flyby’s experts were quoted extensively by national and international media when Gatwick Airport was severely disrupted by drones in December 2018. When you need those all-important quotes about anything to do with the drone industry Flyby are the perfect media contact. Jon Parker and his team can provide expert opinion on anything to do with drones from the latest legislation and what it means for both drone pilots and the public to how drones will take flying into a completely new aviation era in the coming years.

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Please credit Flyby Technology founder Jon Parker for all these general quotes.


On Training

“Beyond Visual Line of Sight training will shape the future of the drone industry and is a complete game-changer when it comes to flying drones. Yesterday, drones were all about taking photos and videos, today it’s about inspection but tomorrow it will all be about operations beyond visual line of sight and we are now training the drone pilots of tomorrow. They will be the best pilots in the world – no-one is doing what Flyby is doing. It’s the best training, the best technology and the best innovation.”

“Only properly trained drone pilots will have the edge when it comes to navigating the industry as they will have the training to be confident and able to adapt to things as they change.”

“Training isn’t a choice if you want to be a commercial drone pilot, legally it’s an absolute must. We are now not just training the drone pilots of today, we are training the drone pilots of tomorrow as the unmanned aircraft industry is moving forward at an incredible pace and within the next 5 years people will be amazed at how drones are being used for everything from delivering parcels to saving lives.”

“Think of the A2 CofC and General Visual Line of Sight (GVC) certificates as the drone equivalent to a driving test if you want to make money out of flying drones. Without the right certificate for your operation you’ll be breaking the law.”


On technology and how drones are used as a force for good

“A pilot in Oman has flown a drone in Leicester under strict safety conditions. This is remote flying with a capital R. Up to now there has been a divide between flying manned aircraft and drones but those distinctions are becoming increasingly merged. The skills needed to fly manned aircraft are being taken into the drone world.”

“Tomorrow’s drone pilots will need to be equipped with the skills necessary to fly drones in one country while sitting in another. They must be able to safely fly large and heavy drones carrying substantial loads and do so at night and in poor weather.”

“Flyby Technology is taking how drones have been used by the military – flying them all over the world on missions controlled by pilots hundreds or thousands of miles away – and turning it into a civilian concept, often to enhance safety or help humanity.”

“Drones can be a less expensive option than manned helicopters and aeroplanes and, of course, can fly into places manned aircraft simply couldn’t get. They can also save the need for people to be put at risk such as rescue teams searching alongside fast-flowing rivers or on dangerous mountain sides.”

“Drones and the high tech cameras and recording equipment on them mean we can now gather crucial, even potentially life-saving, information that has previously been too expensive, dangerous or simply impossible to get.”

“With drones we are talking about the kind of aerial innovation that has been missing since the days of the Apollo space missions and it has moved forward exceptionally quickly over the last few months. We are learning some great lessons from our successes so far.”

On legislation

“Drone training is changing at the end of this year and ignorance of the new system will be no excuse in such a tightly regulated industry.”

“The importance of legislation can’t be stressed enough in the drone industry as safety has to be of paramount importance and both the legislation and the training courses put this at the very top of the agenda.”

“The fact that the Civil Aviation Authority overseas all drone training, qualifications and legislations shows just how comprehensively the industry is regulated.”


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