Weekender Course Structure

The first weekend will cover only the theory and Operations Manual elements and then the subsequent weekend will complete your flying training and/or Flight Skills Test.  

If you are already an accomplished pilot and ready for the Flight Skills Test you can come back to complete it the following weekend. If you would like to take advantage of our superb training or are not ready to pass your Flight Skills Test, we can give you focussed training over 2 days which culminates in you taking the test at the end of the second day.  Subject to the elements of course.  

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2 Day Groundschool

Your first weekend covers the theory and operations manual.

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Operations Manual

Complete your operations manual on the second day.

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Flight Skills

You can opt for flight skills training on your second weekend.

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Put yourself to the test

Your Flight Skills Test with one of our independent examiners can take place on the second weekend.

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Frequently asked questions

Hopefully we've covered all you need to know on this website, but if you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us on 01904 783900.

What will I need?

To be able to complete the course you will need your own drone and associated screens, already loaded with the latest software and firmware. Please make sure your drone is serviceable and ready to be deployed at the start of day 3 on either course.

If you do not already have a drone, we can help you obtain one ready for day 1 of the course, to be delivered to the training location. We have preferred supplier partners and may be able to secure a discount for you. We may be able to arrange hire of a drone if necessary, just get in touch.

For both courses you will need:

  • A drone and the associated support elements
  • An insurance certificate. We can get you enrolled with a Coverdrone or Moonrock Policy.  You will be covered for third party risks by Flyby Technology whilst flying on our course.

What happens when I book?

A student of ours made a fantastic video blog detailing what happens when you book and what you will recieve by post. If you need to know anything else, don't hesitate to contact one of our helpful team.

What if I have lots of drone flying experience?

In this case we suggest you do our 3-day course over 2 weekends which is specifically designed for you.  It consists of the groundschool, a workshop on completing your Operations Manual and your Flight Skills Test.


You will be the proud Graduate of Flyby Technology Drone School - with your Initial Drone Pilot Standard (IDPS) and Permission for Commercial Operation under your belt, the world is your oyster! Holding the IDPS will be an indicator of the high standard that you have achieved and of the professionalism with which you approach your flying.

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More about our Drone Training Courses

Flyby Commercial Drone Training not only gives you the combined knowledge and energy of highly regarded experts, but gives you their continued support during your career. You can be confident that the training you have received has prepared you properly and not just covered a syllabus.

The course begins with our 2 day groundschool presented by a professional instructor with thousands of hours of instructional experience. In addition to the CAA syllabus, our groundschool covers many practical areas and, uniquely, covers the pilot skills that we believe are essential to maintain a high-quality drone flying operation. At the end of groundschool you will sit the multi-choice examination, where you demonstrate your new-found understanding of the regulations and the processes. Our new pilots are always amazed at what they have learned and 100% of our students have always given us tremendous feedback.

If you choose the 4 day weekend option over 2 weekends, the following 2 days is a mixture of practical flying exercises with your own drone and sessions aimed at completing an effective and compliant Operations Manual. A qualified instructor will help you complete the Operations Manual by providing a template and guiding you through the stages relevant to your operation. Out at the flying sites you will be guided through site set-ups and techniques for flying Flight Skills Test manoeuvres. These 2 days bring together everything you have learned and will polish your performance ready for the Flight Skills Test.

Only when you are fully prepared, you will take the Flight Skills Test. This is your opportunity to showcase your new skills and knowledge and everyone enjoys it immensely. Whilst test conditions and live operations can be tense, we will have built up your confidence and ability such that you consistently perform in a safe, compliant and effective manner. You will leave your Flight Skills Test having enjoyed your time with us, learned a huge amount and ready to commit to any job.

In the days after your course, when you have provided all your information, we compile your application to the CAA on your behalf, with our recommendation for the issue of your Permission for Commercial Operation. You complete the CAA application form and submit all of the documentation to the CAA by following our process.

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