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The state of the art facilities in Ripley near West London are perfect for our course. Our courses start at 8.30am and finish at 5pm. The first day of groundschool usually finishes later at around 6pm.

Our flight skills training days make maximum use of available light, so run from 8.30 am until twilight. We provide lunch and refreshments every day.

"Simply fantastic. Both JP and Gareth were amazing instructors and great guys! This course was perfect for taking myself above and well beyond the PfCO requirements. One of the most friendly companies that I've had the pleasure to deal with. From the first moment you walk into the classroom, to the moment that you touchdown after the flight exam you are made to feel welcome and at ease. I cannot thank you guys enough for a wonderful experience!"



Choose your course dates

3 Day courses cost £999 + VAT and 5 Day courses cost £1450 + VAT